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Under Amour Case Study

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Under Armour: Using IMC to create a brand for this generation’s athletes.
Question1. What promotional opportunities gave Under Armour its initial success?
Answer. Under Armour achieved its initial success due to a couple of promotional elements found in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) which created a promotional mix and by also purchasing a patent for its product. The first of these promotional elements used by Under Armour during its early years is advertising.
Under Armour first began advertising by word of mouth after photos had appeared in the USA today paper of an Oakland player football player wearing an Under Armour shirt. This created major publicity for Under Armour ...view middle of the document...

Under Armour went above and beyond when it came to advertising. They created television commercials in which football players would wear their apparel, which then resulted in fans of these football players purchasing their product. Under Armour also created catch phrases such as ‘We must protect this house’ which was used by sports fans such as Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman which also generated publicity towards the company. Another major advertising move made by Under Amour was advertising during the super bowl, in which their ad ranked top 5 on the USA Today ad meter.
Public relations and sale promotion was accomplished through catchy slogans as “We must protect this house” and “The future is ours” which was then used by fans at football games. These phrases were printed on signs and held up at football games as means of encouragement for football players.
Under Armour also endorsed athletes while these athletes advertised their products. This not only led to major publicity, but also created an appreciation for Under Armour by the fans of these athletes.

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