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Um Cee Students And Their Response Towards Reasons Of Shifting Courses

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Shifting of courses is one of the major factors that affects the student to graduate as soon as possible. It is a process that students do to change their chosen course because of their incompatibility to obtain the standards required in their course. And as defined by The Office of the Registrar of De La Salle University, “shifting is a term that refers to a transfer from one program to another of the same level. A level may refer to baccalaureate, masters, doctoral, or diploma/certificate (non-degree)”.

The researchers choose this topic because college students nowadays have gone through a lot of conflicts that possibly lead them in deciding whether they shift into another courses or not. Shifting of courses is also one of the issues that disrupts the development and ...view middle of the document...

Second reason is the problem with the place or university, if the place causes uncomfortable aura to the students, then it may cause unhappiness or unsatisfactory to their needs. Third reason is the financial problem, if the fund of the student to study in a specific course is insufficient, it will force the student to shift to the course where their budget is compatible. The last and common reason why college students shift course is because of the problem with the student’s choice of course at the beginning, in the middle of the progress of learning in the taken program, in the mind of the student there will be questions that causes them to shift to another program and these questions are, did the student chose the right program for their desired future job? Did the student choose that specific program because they are trapped in a situation and wanted to change it? (Silva, 2014)

The research is established to gain more brief and accurate information about the possible causes and effects of shifting courses in the University of Mindanao – College Of Engineering Education. This research may help the students in understanding the issues about shifting courses in this university. It may also recreate the students in deciding what program they should take when they shift courses, or guide them for choosing a program that is rightfully suitable for them. And as for this university, this research may help lessen the number of cases of shifting students.

Statement of the Problem

1. What is the level of influence to the students when they shift courses in terms of:
a. Issues with their chosen course
b. Issues with the university itself
c. Financial issues
d. Personal/decision-making issues
2. What is the most frequent reason used by the students when they shift courses?

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