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Type 2 Diabetes Essay

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Melissa Pineda
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He crossed three times, but hasn’t been able to cross, doesn't have money to call his family. They were waiting to for the next train when they got caught. The cop hit him in the sides. They would get them and they would rob and take everything good that they had. They can report el maltrato del los policias. They would mostly see rob between the Immigrants. They would cross during the night because there would be less reten. Group of families feed the immigrants. They do it because one day it could be one of their family members and the reason why some people cry.They will continue their work for as long as god permits it.Trina the ...view middle of the document...

Latinos having to face the social, economic, political and cultural life in the United States in search of a better life. It is seen as a way to escape the hardships of their countries.
This controversies have been around for several years. Each group that migrates to America has always faced numerous problems and conflicts. The United States is making it harder for these undocumented people to be able to live the dream of having a better life. It is a cruel reality that the United States is now trying to remove all undocumented people and calling them “aliens,” leaving children that are legal citizens without their parents. Crushing the childrens dream of one day becoming lawyers, teachers and policeman because of the atrocity events happening to their families. Also, having them make a decision of leaving their own country for one that they might have not even been to or one that they don’t want to live in, changing their ways of living. Imagine yourself going from having a fairly decent life to a very poor one. Would you be able to maintain your family and maybe get a good education? Many Central American and Mexican women and children leave their communities of origin for that “better life” that several families are being thrown out off.
Women are leaving their origin communities because of what they refer to as “war-zone” unaware of how immigrating will have an impact on their lives. One of the reasons why these women are leaving to the United States with their children is because of gangs. They have no support from authorities. Therefore, there has been a lot of killing, rape, sexual assault and threats of abduction. Many of these women are afraid to send their children out into the communities with gangs. They always fear of what could happen to them. Will they come home okay? All they do is live in fear that one day something bad will happen to their children. In protecting their children they immigrate to the United States ignoring the consequences. In the article Danzas Chuscas: Performing Migration in Zapotec Community by Adriana Cruz Manjarrez, she talks about pandillas also known as los cholos. Las pandillas are formed by a group of men or women that refer to each other as homegirl or homeboys. They wear baggy clothes, white T-shirts, shave their heads and have tattos. Homeboys and homegirls often drink alcohol and do drugs because they lack parent supervision. Therefore, they also tend to consume it on school grounds and outside. They start selling drugs out of school to little kids.
Most women lose themselves through traumatic events throughout their journey. They feel as if they are nobodies in this world anymore, they lose their sense of humor and the world to them is just not the same. Two of the major and cruel events that they have to witness and go through is rape and death. In the documentary, Border Crossing, a lady named Maria left her husband and her children in search for a better life in order to be able to...

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