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Two Ways Of Looking At Essay

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“Two Ways Of Looking At Smoking”

The word “cigarette” is a very hard word for those who don’t smoke. They think this act is useless and there are no benefits. Some people think it is a social thing, they only smoke when they’re at parties or drinking wherever they are; they can’t drink without smoking. Others say it’s not bad that it does in fact make you a more relaxed person and makes the skin looks better. There are many stories about smoking, I smoke and what it means to me is not any of the previous reasons, and I’m not saying it is good to do it, but I have my own opinion about it. I started to smoke when I turned 18 years old, because in Mexico there are too many people who do ...view middle of the document...

Then you’ll start smoking because you don’t want to lose your friends. They won’t talk to you if you don’t damage yourself (such an intelligent act), and they’ll start to bother you. You’ll begin to think that what you’re doing is wrong and start smoking but in reality you don’t like it. You start thinking “It’s not as bad as I remember” and eventually you don’t buy one cigarette in the store (in Mexico they sell cigarettes individually), you start buying the whole flipbox. It makes you think: “How I couldn’t like this?”, finally you start to smoke and obviously you cannot quit! This addiction is getting a serious thing everyday, because it is very hard to stop smoking. Then you tell younger people “Don’t smoke” but it’s a circle. Your “friends” did that thing to you, so probably their friends are probably going to do the same to this young person.
Well, this previous part is a “could happen”, but what if you’re intelligent and when you try it and you don’t like it you just say “no, sorry” and your friends...

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