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Trumpets And Jazz History Essay

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Jazz is a very bulky genre, especially to cover in just 60 minutes. However, this lack of time has allowed me to condense my beliefs about it one strong section believe that changed Jazz completely. Trumpets complete the sound of a Jazz band and I believe that it is the most important section. There are a few artist that transformed the trumpet section and their innovation set the bar for nothing below perfection.
Jazz without trumpets would be equivalent to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without peanut butter because it just would not be the same. So what makes the trumpet so special? The trumpet is by far the loudest and sharpest sounding horn in the band. The interesting shaped horn amplifies sound with the bends on pipes within it. This makes playing trumpet natural for leaders, and to become successful with it if they are good too. In 1894, early ...view middle of the document...

Another trumpet unit that should be noted as jazz greats is Duke Ellington’s trumpet section. Such musicians as Bubba Miley, Cootie Williams, and then the most well know of all is the “El Gato” as Duke would call him. El Gato or the cat in Spanish real name was Cat Anderson who helped make signature the trumpet feature in Duke’s sound. Anderson was capable of playing in a number of jazz styles, but is best remembered as a high-note trumpeter. He had a big sound in all registers, but could play in the extreme high register with great power. This raised the bar for all trumpeters and another doorway for the potential composers could require out of their musicians.
The most inspirational and probably most well know trumpeter of all time is Dizzy Gillespie. He changed the jazz trumpet for everyone. Dizzy Gillespie’s playing style was dubbed the “sound of surprise” because of the improvisation he utilized while playing. Some of his most noted attributes were that breakneck runs were followed by pauses, by huge interval leaps, then followed by long, immensely high notes, by slurs and smears. Something Gillespie did was that he always took listeners by surprise with a new thought or playing style. Quick reflexes and superb ear meant his ability to improvise was unmatchable to most.
Louis Armstrong, Cat Anderson, and Dizzy Gillespie all changed jazz with their trumpeting styles. Armstrong was the first artist to really branch away from conventional sound and breaking down the barrier. Anderson increased the scale of what most trumpeters thought they could play. Gillespie then showed the world how to improvise with his intuitive creativity. All these trumpeters improved a different aspect of the trumpet section and they helped to improve the level of play that today is conventional. These innovators are the best three musicians I believe that could describe the trumpet section jazz could have.

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