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True Love Essay

437 words - 2 pages

Savage 1
Jade Savage
Mrs. Echolse-Moore
Narrative Essay
19 September 2012
True Love:
I first noticed something wasn’t right while watching television with my brother and sister about five years ago. We all heard loud noises coming from my parent’s room thumbing, bangs, yelling, and screaming. My sister Jasmine runs upstairs into my parent’s room. My brother Joseph and I follow her lead. When I came upstairs to where my parents were I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My father was on the ground and my mother on top of my father punching him in the face and ...view middle of the document...

It was such a huge night for me because I had always thought my parents were madly in love and that their relationship was perfect.
I would always listen to my friends talk about their parents being divorced and the struggle with having to go back and forth to houses and how they missed having a family. I would brag
Savage 2
about it “well my parents are still together!” Everyone in the room who has divorced parents would say “lucky” or “I wish I had your parents.” It wasn’t the really losing the bragging rights the upset me it was mostly the fact that in this modern day it’s hard to find that perfect couple that could give you hope for your soon to be husband or wife’s relationship.
Hope that maybe my husband and I could love each other like they did. Hope that I could at least look forward to see my husband come home from work instead of pretending to be asleep or Hope that maybe my husband could look me in my eyes every day and say “I love you” without hesitation. Fortunately my parents didn’t get a divorce but it still opened my eyes and brought me back to reality. That no relationship is perfect and there will be disagreements, arguments and fight but the way you handle it is what defines your relationship. So I could still have that hope and also have a new understand of the meaning of True Love.

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