Triumph Of The Nerds Paper

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The Triumph of the nerds Paper

The first true nerds were young men who obsessed over computer programming. They would stay up for days at a time to program, not talk to anyone, smell terrible, and fell in love with computers. They developed the first more or less working computers and some applications, better operating systems and such. Nerds created programs for fun, tried to take over the computer market, and continued to expand their knowledge.
Impressing Their Friends-The first computer developed by these nerds was developed in a garage in Silicon Valley. Every one of them built a version of a computer in their garages. Ed Roberts developed the Altair (first personal computer) which worked by flipping a series of switches. Many programmers enjoyed this version, but thought it to be too annoying to work with. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs later enhanced the Altair with developments and named it Apple2 . ...view middle of the document...

So IBM called upon Bill Gates to create an operating system for them. All knew that Microsoft would be a million-dollar company soon. Compaq also developed and got a part of this action. Great Artists Steal-Bill Gates went on to become extremely successful. His goal was to have his software running on every computer existing. His promotional launch of Windows 95 was amazing, he cut down those who stood in his way, and made his version much better. Gates used pictures instead or words in order to make his OS more intriguing. Steve Jobs became a leader in the personal computer world, unlike Bill Gates who developed Operating Systems. Steve knew soon all computers would have graphical interfaces much like these, or better. Steve knew the Apple 2 was running out of steam, and they and to do something else. Steve Jobs had launched a revolution. Mac also bought Adobe which developed a better graphic interface. Then, Apple got rid of Steve Jobs, the worst things they could have done.
 On all the 3 videos which I have watched, I would like to conclude it as follows .How Xerox developed it, Apple stole it, and Microsoft replicated it to stay in the market. Microsoft's success has not only been with the development of Operating Systems, but with being able to ride the bear . Being able to ride the work horse of this industry is Microsoft's greatest feat. Taking something that sells on it's own, even with the most rudimentary OS, and keeping it in competition with those on the industries forefront. If Apple, really wanted to take over, they could have edged out Microsoft and implemented a OS that'll work for a PC as well as Apple, and take the bear by the reins. Instead of trying to have a stand-up battle with a Industry powerhouse. Though this battle between creative with no apps and on GUI and many apps has been interesting, and has kept the industry growing.
This Mod was an Introduction to Computers, and has been very interesting, though I did complete hardware and software prior, it still has been interesting in learning the history, the future and the various resources that are out there for our field. It also has helped me in seeing the whole scope of our industry .

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