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Tribute Speech

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Tribute speech

Although, I’m not the first born son or daughter; there is a unique bond shared between my father and I. Even though it has never been said, it’s just known that I am his favorite! I have always been told it is because I am the baby of the family: daddys little girl. But as he recalls, I was his good luck charm starting from the moment I was conceived.

You see my father faced numerous hardships and struggled his way to get to where he is now. He was raised with 10 other siblings from one of the poorest towns in Pakistan. He would tell me how growing up, he would always aspire to come to America because back home that meant you would be somebody. And he did just ...view middle of the document...

He was determined not to go back to the slums in which he was raised in.

In 1973, he ventured off to England to complete his Masters since it was cheaper and successfully completed his Masters in Engineering in 1974.

Shortly after he got married and received immigration to Toronto, Canada where he had his first born son followed by a girl a couple of years later. Even though he had a Masters Degree in hand, it was difficult to find work with no experience, living in a one bdrm with his wife and 2 kids. He ended up working at a local factory as a laborer where he worked for several years while seeking a job pertaining to his degree.
And then in 1984 I was conceived and he as he recalls the good news kept pouring in. He landed his first career related job and right before my birth he bought his first home. Shortly after I was born he landed a huge promotion which took them out making ends meet to living comfortably.

In the midst of his growing success, he always remained humble and never forgot where he came from. He would continuously help out family and...

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