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Treatment Plan Essay

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Fritscher (2011) postulates that a treatment plan may be formal or it may consist of informal handwritten notes. This is largely dependent on the documentation required by the agency or facility and all the other parties involved. However, regardless of its format, Fritscher (2011) states that the treatment plan should always be subject to change as the case progresses.
According to Vrouvas (2013), a treatment plans can work as a mean of providing clients with guidelines that may foster moral support, provide incentive and offer practical solutions for dealing with adversity.
This paper will describe a treatment plan and how it will be presented to the client. The paper ...view middle of the document...

In other words, the problems must be specific and clearly stated and is a brief proven statement of an issue regarding the patient that needs treatment. As in the case of Brittany, problem statements are usually abstract. A major issue is that Brittany is frustrated and discouraged.
Based on Brittany’s case, an objective can be described as a carefully chosen ability that the client must master in order for her to achieve any determined goals. An objective set for Brittany should be observable and is what everyone involved set out to acquire in the treatment process. These objectives and goals should therefore be measurable and the need for change should be the primary focus. Examples of objectives for Brittany could include the following:
1) Learn how to cope with feelings of frustration.
2) Improve on the dysfunctional interpersonal relationship with her
As it relates to Brittany, the interventions or methods would involve all the strategies used to assist the client in achieving the objectives. It would be necessary to have at least on method for each of the determined objectives and these should be altered as is necessary to meet the needs of the client throughout the treatment process. The person handling Brittany’s case could include individual therapy, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and occupational therapy. Examples of interventions for Brittany could include the following:
1) In group, encourage the client to to open up/share her feelings of frustration.
2) Have the client formulate a personal recovery plan that
incorporates the activities that she would like to attend.

Estimated Duration of Treatment
In Brittany’s case, it is essential to make regular observation and notation of her progress. This is essential so that decisions can be made concerning the continuance or change of previously determined methods. This information can be recorded regarding Brittany and is called the record or chart. All these processes assist in determining the...

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