Travel And Tourism Bussiness Plan Essay

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Business plan:

As a part of Travel & Tourism AS course we had to organize a trip.From the first day we were a group of five persons.However,due to some circumstances two of the members of our group are not taking the exam this year,even though they are still going to help us and participate in the organization of the trip.Finally our group consisted of 5 people:Dario,Patricia,Sofia,Valeria and I.
Firstly,we were planning on taking a the Sixth Form and Y11 to the trip.But,because of some changes(our teacher told us) in our plans we had to take year 8 students from our school to attend our trip.We changed our choice because we thought that it was the most convenient year for us in terms ...view middle of the document...

Be worthy representative of Elian's school students and do not reduce the prestige of the school.
5.Consider arrangements for all members of staff and children traveling safety to and from school.
6.Make sure that a letter is sent to Parents\Guardians with comprehensive details including when,where and how long the trip will be and how much will it cost and etc.


1.Complete planning of the trip not letter than the first week of February.
2.Organize the trip not later than 14th of February.
3.Provide 100% of safety and health for staff and students.
4.Get at least 70% of student's satisfaction from the trip.
Evaluation of the trip

Did we met our objectives ?
1.Develop our team working skills and overcoming all disagreement within our group
=> In my personal opinion,we made quite a good group,even though it was our first time working together.Starting the course work,we had some problems because some members of group had other classes at the same time,so they were missing some parts of information which the teacher was giving to us,this made us have some difficulties at certain moments,those members of group didn't really know what to do,and what part of work they have to realize.However,we got well and we've solved this problem,and everybody was doing well.My situation was maybe little bit more easier than for anothers,because i've done this type of work before,but also it helped me to be more disciplined and concentrated on some details.In my opinion this experience will help me to be better and improve my skills in team work in future.

2.Improving year 8 students knowledge about underwater world,particularly about most famous species
=> I do think we met this objective because,organizing the trip Sofia called to Oceanographic and while booking the tickets,we had an idea to book some guides
to make more detailed excursion for students and give them better explanation about all the animals.So,on the excursion the guides were giving a very detailed explanation about all the animals we were observing.In my opinion having a guide was a real success because it meant that the students leaned a great deal more than we could have provided.

3.Be worthy representative of Elian's school students and do not reduce the prestige of the school.
=>In this term,year 8 students were quite a good choice.Even though they are only 12-13 years old they act confidently and were worthy representatives of Elian's school students.Nevertheless ,some organizational difficulties occurred because children were restless in the bus,but there were no problems with their behavior.During the presentation of the guide they listened to him carefully,showed enthusiasm and asked questions.

4.Meet the requirements of the budget.
=>Parents of all the students contributed some money to school especially for excursions,so we only had to inform the secretary who had a responsibility about it,so only think we had to do is send a letter to all...

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