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Travel Agency Essay

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Submitted by: - Noor Mohd

Roll no: - 43

Course: - MBA(T&H)

PC :-337

Submitted to: - Verinder Singh Rana

Itinerary at a glance

We are three friend.We go to Rajasthan from Delhi. Our itinerary
Is a walking in Rajasthan.We go to Delhi from Jalandhar.

DAY 1 Join Delhi
DAY 2 Trains to Jaipur
DAY 3 in Jaipur
DAY 4 Cycle to farm camp
DAY 5 Farm camp to Sariska Park

Detailed Itinerary:-


Due to airline schedules it is not possible ...view middle of the document...

We stay in night in Raj palace Hotel.

The address of the raj palace hotel:-

Zorawer Singh Gate
Amer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Rajasthan 302002.
0141 2634077‎
0141 2630489‎ - Fax

DAY 3 In Jaipur

Today is a full day to explore further the city of Jaipur. We visit the City Palace and the Jantar Mantar - the remarkable observatory reflecting Jai Singh’s passion for astronomy. There is also the Old City with its bazaars and the Hawa Mahal - the Palace of the Winds, originally built as part of the City Palace complex to allow the ladies of the Royal household to watch the everyday life in the city without themselves being observed. We reserved a room in Hotel Classic HolidaysHotel Classic Holidays. We stay In night in there Hotel and we took rest there. Next day we go to farm camp. It is 50Km.way from jaipur.

The address of the Hotel classic holiday:-

Shyam Nagar, Sodala, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019
0141 2293999‎
09351512125‎ - Mobile
0141 2293890‎ - Fax

DAY 4 Jaipur to farm camp

Departing through the outlying settlements of Jaipur and with the Amber Fort as our backdrop, we commence the cycling. Your leader will give a briefing on cycling in India and handling your bike as well as making time for adjustments before we progress along the Ramgargh road, one of the quieter veins leading out of Jaipur. The route twists through small farming settlements, where we provide endless entertainment to the villagers who are intrigued at the notion of westerners riding bikes through India. By noon we...

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