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Transport Management System Essay

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The Malaysian Army has served the country for over seventy years in defending and protecting the nation’s sovereignty from internal and external threats. The Malaysian Army also plays an important part in this process of nation building by job creation and knowledge development. This created great foundation to the nation’s peace and stability. The very existence of the MAF is an assurance that Malaysia will continue to remain free, ...view middle of the document...

There is longer actively involve in communism fighting to maintain peace, the Malaysian Army after 1989 is a peacetime soldiering. During peace time soldiering, Army always need to measure the level of awareness of the Army roles amongst Army personnel and one of that is toward the ILS maintenance culture in Army units and relationship to Army performance today in peace time environment.
It is therefore crucial that the Malaysian Army build an image of its viability, relevance and important especially to publics in the Army in order to ensure that it is not side-lined by publics and to elicit support for it’s continuation in defending and protecting the nation from all physical threats. This study is important to the Malaysian Army and also the Malaysian Armed Forces to determine the approach to instil the maintenance culture in Army units as an assurance to perform the duty when required and also as a guideline to the new generation in the organization and that will be the drivers of the development come year 2020.

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