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Transport Essay

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The Projected Main Mode Travel Share Trend for Gauteng 2040

Daniel Pillay 201060830
LeLani Le Fleur 200623816
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This assignment is submitted in partial fulfillment
Of the requirements of the Bachelor of Technology Degree in Transport Management

In the

Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management

Faculty of Management

At the University of Johannesburg

April 2014
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Background 3
Research Statement 4
Body 5
Car/Driver Passenger 5
Mini Bus/Taxis 7
Walk 8
Bicycle 9
Train 12
Bus 16
Conclusion 19
Bibliography 20

1. Introduction
Background Information
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The range of data that was looked at is from 2002 to 2011 which indicated the response or direction in which Government has taken to get the desired state of transport currently. The research will highlight the individual modes which will be followed by the developments and shortcomings as well as the future predictions based on local and international implementations. Systems from developed nations were closely researched for solutions as these countries operate a highly successful transport network and adopting working systems makes logical sense. No re-invention of the wheel would be necessary?

Research Statement
The Main Mode of Travel Share Trend for Gauteng in the next 30 years. This is summary of the required research that would need to be investigated and derived from information provided.

Outline of Research
The formal structure of the required output is broken up into four categories:
* The individual mode per row on the given table.
* The analysis of the trend portrayed in the table from 2002-2011.
* The shortfalls or developments that influenced the trend.
* The future predictions of the trend based on models currently researched.
Each mode of transport to work will be looked at in close correlation with the population demographics and the requirements thereof.

The commencement of the research will start off with the population research by which the information on the table was given. This is done to give a fair indication on the projected population that would probably need to be looked at when future transport predictions are made.
The projected population would likely to be between 6 to 8 million, (Vadi, 2013), which would provide the broad parameters of decisions to made. The other supporting statistics based on population that would affect the future choices of modes of transport for work are place of residence, unemployment, average household income and emissions per capita. This information would form the criteria of the policy maker decisions namely the Government, to implement action plans to support required modes.

A. Car Driver/Passenger
The first mode to be discussed is the car driver/passenger field. This showed an initial percentage of 42% and remains unchanged at 42% in 2011. What has influenced this?
The common practice in most developing countries was the conception to make the life of motorists easier on the roads. Attention was focused on accommodating more traffic on roads rather to decrease the volumes? Gauteng was no different in the previous years before the long term strategies came into being. There were no major shift changes in the modes of transport? Since then the introduction of the major improvements that would be highlighted, citizens have made major transportation decisions resulting in modal shifts which resulted in the reduction of the use of cars for travel to work?

The main contributor to this shift in modal preference could be attributed to...

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