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Transitioning From Military To Civilian Life

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ENGL099 – Pre-College English
Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life


My paper is on the transition from Military life to Civilian Life. The dealings and issues that a lot of the service men and women and even their families deal with on a day to day basis. In this paper, I will write about what they go through including the families of the service men as well as the dealings with PTSD and the issues of finding work after they are out of the service. Whether they are healthy or have been dismissed medically, the struggles they endure every day.

I. Topic #1
A. Military Life
1. In the military, things are structured everything is done precise and accurately. No stone is left unturned. Typically, servicemen go to work whether in the office, in the field and it is hard labor. Nothing in ...view middle of the document...

They are usually left with grandparents, some are left with aunts or uncles. It is hard for them because they are going through an entire year of special events, and not being able to share it with their parents.

II. Topic #2
A. Civilian Life
1. Adjusting to Civilian life after being in the military for many years is its own challenge. You are set in living a certain way, whether it is getting up early in the morning for training which can consist of running, weight lifting or even boxing you are not accustomed to not getting up, or sleeping in. They are training in their own leadership and resources and the one thing that they are not trained for is how to live again as a civilian.

2. How they now have to look for a job, and where their skills can be more useful to in the workforce. The agencies that are available to the Veterans that will help them with locating work. As for the families, the kids also have to adjust to life outside of the military. School is somewhat a bit different when they are in the military as opposed to them being in a civilian school. Education is the same with the exception that they have more kids in their class and they are making new friends.

III. Topic #3
A. Life worth Living
1. Veterans now have to live back in civilian life and though for some it is challenging because they can be disabled or even just suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from things that they have seen, things that they have been witnessed or participated in. It is something that will never leave them. For some, it will haunt them and for others well there can be good memories and lifelong friendships along the way. Years later, they can get together even if it is once a year and just catch up on life.

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