Training For A Better Organization Essay

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Training for a better organization

Employees in today’s organization are under mounting pressure to do more with less. Organizations face constant change in response to fierce global competition and the introduction of new technologies (Nilson, 1999). As organizations scramble to rethink and out perform their competition the very nature of work is changing.

Rothwell, et al (2003) states many CEOs today understand the value of learning and can articulate how a better-skilled workforce helps the organization grow and succeed. They expect learning and development to support the organization's strategies, and to prepare employees to implement the direction the company needs to take to ...view middle of the document...

The key for learning professionals is to understand how learning is making an impression on the metrics that matter most to the organization.

The pace of work process has increased dramatically and has become far more knowledge intense. Malhotra (1996) states because of this new environment, traditional human resources development (HRD) practitioners are shifting their force away from formal training events and toward various types of learning experiences that can solve performance problems and increase business results.

Workplace learning and performance (WLP) is defined as “the integrated use of learning and other interventions for the purpose of improving human performance, and addressing individual and organizational needs. It uses a systematic process of analyzing and responding to individual, group, and organizational performance issues. (Rothwell, et al, 2003)
Conducting assessment in the workplace can be both rewarding and challenging for assessors. Many assessors engage enthusiastically with this assessment strategy because of the opportunity it provides for authentic, relevant and meaningful assessment for the candidate. Jackson (2006) states candidates are usually observed or questioned while performing or demonstrating ‘real’ work tasks and evidence about a candidate’s skills and performance is collected over a period of time sometimes involving input from third party sources, such as a supervisor. Recognition of current competence and identifying any skills gap goes hand in hand with the assessment process.
In 2004, ASTD published The ASTD Competency Study: Mapping the Future, the landmark competency study that defines what workplace learning and performance (WLP) practitioners need to know and be able to do to be successful (Jackson, 2006). The work resulted in new standards and directions for the WLP profession. Its purpose was to enable individuals and institutions to remain ahead of the curve and equip them to better align with organizational strategies and goals.
Smith (1990) states the new workplace will reward those specialized generalists who have a solid basic education plus deep professional or technical skills in demand across a range of companies and even industries. There are many challenges that Professional Development Specialist has to deal with such as financial outlook, recruiting, technology, globalization, partnering, and corporate communication
The rapid evolution of technology, the aging population of baby boomers, the rising cost of healthcare and energy, and other societal and business trends are having a significant and irrevocable impact on the workplace. Where, how and why we work has changed dramatically over the past two decades and it will go through further transformation over the next twenty years (Jackson, 2006). To succeed in the new workplace, workers will have to have the skills and abilities to add value quickly.
The effects of technology on the workplace are widespread and...

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