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Training And Development Mini Paper

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Mini Paper
Keller Graduate School
Training & Development

The paper should incorporate concepts discussed in the text, articles, case studies, and discussions, and it should describe the methods and processes being utilized to gather the information.
“The training needs assessment is a critical activity for the training and development function.” (Miller & Osinski 2002) With the continuous customer service issues TWC is experiencing, understanding the opportunities for development in this area are key to the mission of the organization. Which is to give customers control in ways that are simple and easy, this all starts with customer service. In ...view middle of the document...

The survey asked employees to answer the questions using the following scale:
Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
1 2 3 4 5
1. People are held accountable for the quality of work they produce.
2. The quality of our products and services are very important to this organization.
3. In this organization we maintain very high standards of quality.
4. This organization understands its customers' needs.
5. This organization is extremely focused on customer needs.
6. Customer needs are the top priority in this organization.
7. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and services.
8. I have a good understanding of the mission and the goals of this organization.
Of the 20 surveys sent to employees 16 were completed, however the concerning answers help to identify a glaring need in training and development. The scale numbers were added together to give a total score out of a possible 80, or 16 times 5 for each question. Question 1 finished with a total score of 25 out of 80. Question 2 finished with a total score of 40 out of 80. Question 3 finished with a total score of 27 out of 80. Question 4 finished with a total score of 17 out of 80. Question 5 finished with a total of 15 out of 80. Question 6 finished with a total of 15 out of 80. Question 7 finished with a total of 41 out of 80. Finally question 8 finished with a total of 51 out of 80. The above questions were asked in order to identify the company’s true commitment to the customer, seen through the eyes of customer service agents.
This survey from an organizational customer service standpoint has shown that TWC is extremely lacking in its understanding of the customer. Based on this information the opportunity for training and development to conduct classes for frontline customer service agents is high. At the top of the list will be soft skills training to help agents connect with the customers and improve their experience. In addition training in conflict resolution, this training will assist employees with de-escalating angry customers. In-turn this will contribute to the overall customer experience.
Second component of a training needs analysis is a task analysis. “Task analysis identifies the important tasks and knowledge, skills, and behaviors that need to be emphasized in training for employees to complete their tasks.” (Noe, 1999) The primary reason this is an important step is it will give clarity to any organization in regards to having the correct employees in place. This step determines if employee have the knowledge, skills and behaviors to be successful for the business.
9. I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of the organization.

10. My job is important in accomplishing the mission of the organization.

11. I feel knowledgeable and prepared to do my job.

12. My daily job functions are not overly complex.

13. My...

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