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Traditional Education Vs. Online Education Essay

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Traditional Education vs. Online Education

Education is becoming one of the most important things in a person’s life, most people are trying to obtain an education. Most countries have a concern on the quality of the education provided to the people so that those people will be able to improve upon the resources that are available. If the quality of the resources that a person has available is good, the quality of that entire country will also be good. The advancement of technology has had a large impact on education. Before this advancement of technology the implementation of education was only traditional. Currently, this has changed because of the advancement of the technology has ...view middle of the document...

This is because the student will not need to pay for transportation costs to get to class. As long as the person has Internet access and a computer the person can go to class. The students from other cities that are attending a college online will not have to pay rent or live on campus, but they will have to pay for their Internet access.
Another factor not the same between traditional and online education is equality. All students in a traditional college must go to a classroom to attend class and to study for that class. Traditional education had a factor of discrimination imbedded in the system in the beginning because there was a limitation for those that were disabled and that attend class. While this discrimination is not overly present in modern day education it is still there to a degree. With traditional education there is a large gap between student’s age, race, physical appearance, gender, etc. Some students may feel uncomfortable when studying in class because of these differences. Some students are even more uncomfortable when they are required to get up in front of the class to present a project or report. Online classes are in comparison very different. With online classes there is no discrimination. With online classes there is no knowledge of age, physical appearance, race, gender, or most important disabilities. Many students find that this lack of discrimination to be very refreshing and in turn finds that the college is more acceptable. There are some students that find expressing their ideas online easier than if they had to do express those ideas in a classroom. Students enrolled in online education do not need to go to a classroom to study or attend class; therefore, there are no uncomfortable feelings with attending class.
One of the main ways traditional education and online education are alike is books and paper use. Most people think that books and papers are dealt with only with traditional education. The...

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