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Tort Essay

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Shapo (2003) stated "A tort is a civil wrong in the sense that it is committed against an individual (which includes legal entities such as companies) rather than the state. The gist of tort law is that a person has certain interests which are protected by law. These interests can be protected by a court awarding a sum of money, known as damages, for infringe- ment of a protected interest. Alternatively, by the issuing of an injunction, which is a court order, to the defendant to refrain from doing something" (p.1). This paper will give two scenarios of two different torts. The first tort will be Breach of Fiduciary Duty. The paper will also show how Breach of Fiduciary Duty can ...view middle of the document...

The directors in the scenario above are acting with the interests of themselves more than the corporation. The directors find themselves in Breach of Fiduciary Duty when they start diverting contracts from Corporation A to Corporation B. Furthermore, the directors find themselves in Breach of Fiduciary Duty when they evoke a reconstruction plan under false pretenses. The Breach of Fiduciary Duty could have been avioded if the directors would have been honest or if the committee appointing the directors would have insured appointing individuals known for
Injurious Falsehood
Tommy invites his wife to dinner at a local restaurant. The food and service was horrible and Tommy is angry. Tommy thinks to himself "I will show them." Tommy then proceeds to tell all of his friends that there was a cockroach in his food and that he will never go there again. A select few of the friends decide not to go to he restaurant and tell their friends what Tommy told them.
Tommy telling his friends that his food was served with a cockroach when it was...

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