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Top Ten It Trends Essay

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Accenture`s Top 10 Technology Trends in Energy

1. In next 20 –30 years, alternate sources of energy will come into play. O& G companies will face higher capital costs to transform oeprations to meet new energy mix causing corresponding shifts in the industry`s operating models and ongoing investments in new computing technologies

2. Accentures top ten, is based on its work and research and its work with its strategic Business partners, like Microsoft, Oracle, and key industry providers like Honeywel, Oslsoft etc.


4. Currently capturing and archiving data is a pain, piece meal approach –siloed application is currently in place, and companies have unable to ...view middle of the document...

(companies starting simple)

7. Rise of private cloud: in O&G standardization has gone the cloud way of computing-virtual hardware (servers) and softwares – outside the 4 walls of their organization. Rapidly increasing amounts of data and growing requirement for real-time access to that data, accelerating that shift. This helps them go green, free up internal resources. Exxon is building cloud based infrastructure service to land exploration workers wherever they are.

8. Rise of Public cloud: Public cloud extends a company`s data center capabilities by enabling the provision of IT services from 3rd party providers over a nework- like SAS(Softare as a service), and replacing legacy software. Many companies, also using it to deploy new software in support of business processes that previously were not very software driven. Savings come from – eliminating cost of hardware, software, maintenance and IT labor, along with benefits of replacing CAPEX with pay as u go utilitiy – this makes public cloud even more appealing. For example – Google offers its email service for $50/year per user, cost of running this internally can be $250/yr per user. Small web based functions (SAS) – HR, maintenance management, file exchange in CAPEX projects. Example – –SAS example –front office apps deployment.

9. More shared service organizations: individual companies have tough time getting resources and skills to support their IT operations full time. A SSO offers one to many model to help centralize operations, standardize computing, control costs and deliver more reliable service to all users. Example – internal SSO, partnered SSO, and outsourcing. E.g O&G companies converting IT support organization as stand alone business turning users into customers. Business managers act as interface between IT and business owners and responsibility for all IT delivery and support. Moving to a fully Shared service org. means outsourcing. Example – Talisman outsourced its back office select finance and accounting processes to Accenture`s delivery center in Bangalore, india,

10. Increased...

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