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Tobacco Cessation Essay

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The expansion of tobacco cessation is an important part of our historic and continuing effort to help smokers quit.


1. At clinic: Brief tobacco intervention.
2. Community and nation: public education , media advocacy.


A. Behaviour counselling

Willing to quit 5 A method Not willing to quit 5 R method.
1. ASK:Ask about tobacco use at every visit. 1.Relevance of quitting .
2.ADVICE:Advice users to ...view middle of the document...

| -------------------------------------------------
12 weeks |
NICOTINE PATCH | -------------------------------------------------
Skin irritation, Insomnia | -------------------------------------------------
21mg/24hours, 14mg/24hours or 7mg/24 hours | -------------------------------------------------
4 weeks @21mg 2weeks@ 14mg 2weeks @ 17mg |
NICOTINE NASAL SPRAY/INHALER | -------------------------------------------------
Nose & Mouth irritation | -------------------------------------------------
1-2doses/hour | -------------------------------------------------
6 months |
BUPROPION | -------------------------------------------------
Insomnia, Drymouth | -------------------------------------------------
150mg/day for 3 days then 150 mg twice a day | -------------------------------------------------
7-12weeks up to...

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