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To Establish And Maintain A Safe And Tiealttry H, Arning Environment

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In order to establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for childreo
certain elernents af,e necessary. Classroom equipment needs to be app,rop,riate for the childs age
group. The space needs to provide adequate room for developrnental$ appropriate learning
centsr$ and pfoper storage for equipment. Quiet af,eas are ssrential for re*t and as a personal
ohoice for children whe,tr teeded- Children need to know where the fire exits are and have regular
fire drills to ensure ...view middle of the document...

lVeVe discussed the nufritious value of the meals they are serued at the center. I also plan
exercises to teach them about keeping fit physical$. While walking to the park I show them the
proper way to cross the street using the stop, look and listen technique before they cross. I have
taken them tc the fire deparfinent so they cau leam fire safety &om the fiiremen. The centers in my
cla$sroom are cleaq tables and equipment is wiped offdaity with a water and bleac,h solution. The
material is kept on tow shelfs allowing children, to use by choice. I keep *re area well vented
througfuout the day. Tables and equipment is wiped offdaily, with a water and bleach solutian.
My goals are to teach the childern lifo long habits to keep thom safe and healthy. To make
sure they know how to exit a building when needed, or how to protect themselves in an open area
during an electical storm. To teach thern personal hygiene so they can help their bodies stay
healthy. To teach them safe$ habits so tlrat when thsy are outdoors they may safety enjoy that
time. To provide activities and experiences that are developmenklly appropriate for *reir age;
ones that will teach them what they need to know aI this age so their miflds ere opeir to learning
even more year afrer year enabling them to grow and matuf,e to the best of their ability.

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