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The Rental Heart
Often, when you break-up with a partner, you get your heart broken. It happens to everyone, but in this text, instead of experiencing sadness and sorrow, you can just take your rental heart out, and by a new one when you meet a new partner.
I consider the main character a boy, because if it was a girl, there would be a lot of drama and a lot of details of ...view middle of the document...

When the main character is with a guy named Will, they go on a holiday, they went through security and the main character beeps, he shows the security people his heart and is waved on, but Will doesn’t beep. It makes the main character sick that he doesn’t have a metal heart and his gut is filled with blood and flesh.
The short story’s title is “The Rental Heart”. Short story’s titles have often not much to do with the rest of the text and often it is a bit hidden in the text, but in this case it is very easy to see why the author called it that: it’s about a guy who gets his heart broken a lot of times, and therefore rent a new one every time.
The story sounds like something that could happen in our world, except for the part where they crack their chests open and show their hearts, and if they get heartbroken they just buy a new one, and that the main character believes that it is disgusting that Will doesn’t have a rental heart.
It’s actually pretty smart, instead of feeling pain and soreness you can just take your heart out and almost feel free. Even though it becomes much easier to deal with the pain, it is still there, because pain isn’t just in our hearts but in our heads as...

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