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The movie was about Anna Mae Bullock. Her mother left her with her grandmother when she was a little girl. Anna Mae lived with her grandmother until her grandmother died, then she went to live with her mother. Anna Mae was eighteen when she went to live with her mother, and sister. She had to go to the club where her sister worked whenever her mother wanted privacy.
Ike Turner was singing at the club where her sister worked. Every night Ike would let different women come on stage and sing with him. One night Anna Mae went on stage to sing and Ike said she was very good. Ike went to her home the next day and asked her mother if she could sing with his ...view middle of the document...

Ike called her a bad name, because he was only happy when Tina was doing what he wanted her to do.
Ike would flirt with other women, and he was unfaithful. Tina’s mother told her not to worry about his unfaithfulness because he was just being a man. Ike started using cocaine, and he would hit Tina, and take her by the hair and drag her across the floor in front of the children because she said that all of his songs sound the same. Ike would keep all the money Tina made, and after he would abuse her, he would buy her gifts. Ike was jealous because Tina was asked to record with another producer, he told her that she did very good job with the song. One morning Tina, Ike, one of the musician, and one of the back up singers were having breakfast, and Ike wanted Tina to have a piece of cake she said that she did not want any cake, and Ike slapped her. The other female singer spoke up for Tina, and Ike knock her down on the floor. She called him a very bad name, and she told him that she did not have to take that from him and she quit.
When Ike went to sleep that night Tina took the boys and left. She bought a bus ticket and was going home to her mother. While Tina was in the women room Ike took the boys off the bus and put them in his car. When Tina came out of the women room he made her get in the car, and took her back home.
Ike was being irresponsible with money; he was always yelling, insulting, criticizing, humiliating, and choking Tina. Once when he was chocking her he raped her. One night Tina looks like she was having a nervous break down. While Ike was taking her to the hospital he told her if she did not be all right, he was going to kill her. He was not concern about her being sick he wanted her to be able to perform.
When Tina got home from the hospital Ike was complaining about the bills and the boys, and cursing her, and ready for her to...

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