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Symbiosis Institute
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[Constituent of SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY - Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade] Established under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 vide notification No. F 9-12/2001-U 3 of Government of India]

The article unfolds the story of an icon – The Samir ...view middle of the document...

His aggressive leadership style made it even more challenging. Some of the key issues observed during his tenure are as below:
* Increase Profitability: The publishing industry was not positioned as a Profit making organization in earlier times, instead were seen as object of influence.
* Establish authority of a publisher amidst Popularity of Editors in the Publishing industry: The idea of publishing a daily newspaper without an editor was unheard of, in earlier days. In order to change the ways of working there was a need to demonstrate authority and unity of command of the Publisher.
* Impose Organizational Restructuring: Indian publishing industry was mandated to have an editor in place under the Press & Registration of Books Act 1867, but in order to gain full control, there was a need to have the editors directly report to publisher. He also introduced the concept of Brand managers with his increased focus on Marketing.
* Incapability to align the employees to his vision of transforming the Publishing house to an Advertising hub: The need of the hour was to set up an unorthodox culture to remain focused on the bottom line of business had to be imbibed in the organization. The unconventional ways of operations were often misconstrued as the whims and fancies of Mr. Jain instead of being accepted as innovative ideas.
* Manage growing discontent within the Organization: The replacement of editorials with Advertorial was pretty much linked with the anti-editorial stance of Mr. Jain and was not accepted well within as well as outside the Organization.
* Deteriorating Quality of the Core Competencies: Not every decision worked wonders for the group. There were many successful titles which lost their shine due to constantly changing strategies. The broadsheet dailies which formed the core competency of the group had also dropped in quality while positioning themselves in advertising business.
* Lack of Talent development due to Inefficient Utilization of the skilled resources: Anti editorial stance often led to negative branding of the group in the talent market. This has been further extended to the managers as well, who were given very little to do despite being hired from reputed roles. This led to the erosion of talent in the organization in the long run.
View Point
With all due respect for the distinctive strategies of Mr. Samir Jain, and his ability to steer the ship through rough weathers almost single handedly, there are some unanswered questions that this article raises in a seasoned readers mind. Is this model sustainable for the future? What could have been done better or could be done now to achieve/sustain the same business...

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