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Time Management Essay

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Time Management
“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749, P.1). Effective time management is the most important factor in succeeding on personal and in professional goals and objectives. The average a person spends is fewer than seven hours of his or her day effectively. The remaining time is being wasted leaving the person overwhelmed and worried. Although time management is a big day to day life problem; it can be solved by building a schedule, using time saving techniques, and fighting procrastination (project management source, 2007).
Building a schedule cannot only help fulfill the required goal, but it also remind a person of tasks, ...view middle of the document...

Planning can also helps in reaching short term and long term goals. Without a plan for the day, a person can easily be distracted and don’t know if he or she is doing the right or wrong thing. Planning ahead is always better and more efficient than doing last minute tasks. Tasks will be more professional and well done if it’s done ahead of time because a person will have enough time to change or fix any problem. Taking advantage of technology by learning to use college library or Internet in work can helps to stay connected with instructor, fellow students, and employee. Staying connected maximizes efficiency and save time. It’s important to fight procrastination before developing time saving techniques.
All ideas don’t worth anything without taking an action or doing something about it. Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies in life and in time management. Fighting procrastination is like quitting smoking and that needs the will to do it. A survey has been conducted of students at a university in the United States is possibly typical in that (52%) of the students claimed a high or moderate need for help with regard to procrastination (Wikipedia, 2010). Anxiety, nervousness, and a self-defeating mentality are causes of...

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