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Time In The Sound And The Fury

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* The Impact of Time on the Theme and Characters of the Sound and the Fury
* The Interpretation of Time Lapses and the Influence It Has on the Narration in Benjamin’s Section

Benjamin is 33 years old at April 7th, 1928. He is a child with a mask of adolescence and what he perceives from the world around him is totally different from normal people, because let’s say he has a gift that no normal person can have, he is an idiot. Our intentions aren’t about supporting the community of mentally handicapped people here by saying he has a gift, but to know a person, just like knowing animals, you have to get inside their heads. So we definitely don’t want to have negative badges on ...view middle of the document...

But this ambiguity is to no intention trivial. William Faulkner introduced a set of methods for his ultimate goal of great emotional effects on the reader, which can be achieved by carefully analyzing every single line of this section. We are not paraphrasing those time lapses here, our aim is the significance of them on the theme and narration. But you can get some pieces of puzzle by noting that who takes care of Benjamin in different periods of time. Benjamin’s section can be divided to 3 person whom Benjamin was taken care of. Versh, who took care of him when he was a child, T.P. was his companion through his teenage years and Luster was the last caretaker.
April 7th, 1928, is the Saturday before Easter Sunday which is purposefully chosen correctly with the actual Easter Sunday of the same year. This date has 2 different connotations that we will extendedly discuss in symbolism section, but as what relates to this section, the 2 connotations have a positive and a negative remark. This day is referred to Black Saturday in Christianity, since in Friday Christ was crucified and Sunday was the day of Resurrection, it is traditionally conveyed one of the darkest day of Christian history. April is also the beginning cycle of life because all things start growing and rebirth is occurring. But Benjamin is the paradox of the current date, his ugliness is in contrast of the beauty of April, his purity is being questioned by the darkest day of history and what he remembers at this particular day is mostly about death and funerals of member of his family.
Such scenes were illustrated through various time lapses which sometimes happened without using italics. Every time Benjamin thinks about death, it appears that he has problem understanding the abstract notion of it, meaning that he is mixed up between one death and another simultaneously.
The memories of Benjamin are interwoven with connections that he makes in the present. Even the context that he is in are similar to what has happened to him before, for example as he wandered through the outside of the Compsons’ house, he came across different places such as barns, pastures and etc. and he remembered the same exact places that a particular part of...

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