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Abstract 3
HP Background 3
Company Mission 4
HP’s Corporate Objectives 5
Mission and governance Analysis 5
Recommendations 6
HR Report on HP 7
Recommendation 8
Internal Analysis 8
Recommendation 8
Mergers Acquisitions and Spin-offs 9
Recommendation 9
External and Global Environment 9
External Analysis 10
Recommendation 11
Porter five forces Analysis of HP 12
Recommendation 14
SWOT Analysis 14
Conclusion / Recommendation 15
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Achievement and contribution
We strive for excellence in all we do; each person's contribution is critical to our success.

Results through teamwork
We effectively collaborate, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our customers.

Speed and agility
We are resourceful and adaptable, and we achieve results faster than our competitors.

Meaningful innovation
We are the technology company that invents the useful and the significant.

Uncompromising integrity
We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.

HP’s Corporate Objectives

Customer loyalty
We earn customer respect and loyalty by consistently providing the highest quality and value.

We achieve sufficient profit to finance growth, create value for our shareholders and achieve our corporate objectives.

We recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds upon our strengths and competencies.

Market leadership
We lead in the marketplace by developing and delivering useful and innovative products, services and solutions.

Commitment to employees
We demonstrate our commitment to employees by promoting and rewarding based on performance and by creating a work environment that reflects our values.

Leadership capability
We develop leaders at all levels who achieve business results, exemplify our values and lead us to grow and win.

Global citizenship
We fulfill our responsibility to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each country and community where we do business.

Mission and governance Analysis

HP has been a leader or even a pioneer in computer technology. The growth of the firm has been steady and fast and can be attributed to some of the founders’ core principles.
The shared values of HP are significant since they originated with the founder. The firm was able to operate in a way that reflected these values for many years. This has resulted in a firm that has been a leader in the industry despite formidable challenges from the likes of Dell and Apple.

HP’s alignment with corporate values has been sidetracked, and getting results faster than our competitors is one of the results that is affected. HP will now reed to refocus on new innovation. Mark Hurd’s scandal is contrary to the Uncompromising Integrity section of the corporate shared value being honest and direct with our dealings. The statement that leaders at all levels will exemplify our values, speaks directly to the leaders at the senior management level.

The corporate objectives have been disregarded recently by leaders that have placed short term gain ahead of those founding principles. The mention of leaders at all levels is in direct conflict with HP’s recent corporate governance missteps. The ethical issue of the spying case where HP spied on some board members due to suspected leaks is in direct conflict with that statement. The stability of HP governance was affected. That stability affected...

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