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Tile Essay

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Nativity scenes are an integral part of Christmas for many families, helping set the mood for the annual celebration. Christian stores and other retailers can offer a wide range of choices to meet consumers' tastes. Jared Monds, business development manager for Blessings, said the store is selling a new line this year made of olive wood from the Holy Land. "They look gorgeous."

The olive wood scenes are one of many nativity choices available at Blessings, which has locations in Edmonton and Calgary. Other stores, such as Wisemen's Way Bookstore in Camrose ...view middle of the document...

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Wisemen's Way Bookstore in Camrose stocks a good selection of nativity scenes.

Dave Halliday

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"Nativities continue to be a big seller every year," he said, adding that high-end decorative versions can cost up to $1,000.

Books are a mainstay at the Alberta stores.

"Books make great gifts," said Pam Reber, owner of Wisemen's Way. "Bibles are our No. 1 seller."

When a bible is chosen as gift, a natural accompaniment would be a bible case, something that's available in a variety of designs.

In addition to books, all the stores sell Christian music and videos. However, not all take the same approach with Scott's Parable and Wisemen's Way reducing their stock.

A reason for carrying fewer music CDs is that listeners can now download their favourite tunes rather than buying albums.

But Monds takes a different view.

"Interestingly, Christian music is not dying," Monds said, pointing out that sales at Blessings stores are growing.

"There are a lot of good albums out this year," he said, adding that those albums include a good number with Christmas music.

Christian bands have helped by trying to stay in touch with their fans, for example, through touring.

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