Tiger Beer Case Study

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Question 1

Part A

Based on the Enjoy Winning series of advertisements for Tiger beer, the following personality traits of a typical brand loyal Tiger beer drinker are identified

1. Extroversion: A Tiger beer drinker is sociable and enjoys company of his/her friends. He/She likes to have a good time at parties and watch sports in a group with his/her friends. They enjoy the limelight in a gathering and can turn a boring party into a fun-filled event. Most of the advertisements in this series have a party or sporting events as the background. Tiger Beer is also an official sponsor of major sporting events such as telecast of European football and golfing events in Singapore. This ...view middle of the document...

Due to the prevailing festive spirit, Tiger drinkers tend to indulge in binge drinking which may cause concern for society due to incidents such as fights or drunk driving. Tiger beer had to take several steps (such as restricting entry to its website to minors and running campaigns against drunk driving) to restrict the tendency of the youth to consume excessive alcohol.

Part B

Tiger projects itself as a sporty brand full of exuberance and youth. This personality is evident from tangible elements (logo, tagline, etc.) and intangible elements (advertising content etc.). The name Tiger itself shows an aggressive attitude to attract the go-getters in the society. Even the logo has a tiger in it and is of orange colour which represents youth and energy. The brand appeals to its target audience through its wacky, yet innovative ads which can capture the imagination of youth in a way similar to a Tiger beer drinker captures imagination of people in a party. By showing most of its advertisements in a party or sporting context and associating itself with major sporting events, Tiger projects a sporty side to it which is likely to attract young people who enjoy sports. Moreover, Tiger beer also promotes a healthy attitude to winning through its punch line “Enjoy winning” to attract customers who are competitive yet fair in dealing with others. Tiger beer has also taken initiatives to reduce incidents of drunk driving or excessive drinking by its loyal users. For example, APB has participated in “Get Your Sexy Back” campaign and Socially Responsible Drinking campaign to promote safe drinking amongst youth. Thus, Tiger beer projects a sporty and exuberant personality which is likely to attract its target audience.

Question 2

Part A

Perceived quality: Tiger beer has a reputation of being a quality product. APB has nine state-of-art breweries in Singapore which use latest technology and stringent quality checks to ensure a high quality of beer. Any visitor can visit these premises so that they can experience the quality control process applied in these breweries. This gives a potential customer the confidence that the beer is of a very high standard which matches the western standards. The company has won numerous quality awards and accolades for its flagship beer, Tiger beer. Thus, the perceived quality of Tiger beer in the minds of the consumers in Singapore is high.

Part B

Product positioning: The visual elements of the brand (colour of logo, tagline, etc.) project it as a sporty and exuberant brand. Tiger beer has a reputation for using wacky, innovative and fun-filled advertisements to attract the youth market. Most of these advertisements have a setting of parties or sporting events. Tiger beer has a distinct taste which may be considered as too bitter by most beer lovers. Thus, in the minds of consumers, Tiger beer is positioned as a “sporty beer” with a wacky taste catering to fun-loving people during parties,...

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