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Thy Self Essay

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Knowing Thy Self
The thought of who an individual desires to be is developed by goals, dreams, development, and accomplishments to find his or her true inner self. Encouragement provides motivation for continuous develop of who the individual wants to become. Thy self is the foundation of life experiences, worth, and self-respect. One must understand that perception is a major part of an individual’s self-concept, due to his or her perception that he or she provides of their own view points.
Personal intellects that apply to concepts of aiding oneself in creating categories, and rearranging thoughts, feelings, actions, and different options (Myers, 2010). Society sets social norms which ...view middle of the document...

This uncertainty was caused by events or stages in my life that I was unable to understand to make logical judgments in regards to myself. Presently, I have enough experience, goals, visions, and responsibilities that enable me to make clear, logical decisions that I can conclude that my prior life was changed frequently to not allow a clear, concise verdict. In general, I acknowledge myself to demonstrate dependable, friendly, hardworking, smart, brave, and logical skills. I have tackled obstacles that have resulted in many downfalls, but I know that in the end if I trust myself everything will always work out. I use this view point to encourage others through daily obstacle. I am a very strong person that will give my opinion when I feel is necessary, but I am also able to work hard to develop a good quality outcome. The person I have become brings joy, and my self-schema assists in processing and rearranging things that I can accomplish, and thing I am not able to achieve.
In my opinion, my self-esteem is obtained by how I view the concepts of myself. Self-esteem that I built comes from a foundation of encountered experiences I have come across at some point in my life; however, is may affect my views of event outcomes. The occurrences that increase my self-esteem are generally very positive, but some negativity helps me balance myself and allows me to be humble instead of an arrogant self-esteem. I think my self-esteem would fall higher on a scale because I have always had a positive outlook on things that happened in my life, also, my self-concept, and not allowing society to make decisions for me.
The self-efficiency in my life have consistently been tested through my life span so far because I have always possessed an encouraging attitude to push myself to accomplish what I want to accomplish. This has allowed me to be more cautious and aware of my limits as an individual, lover, friend, student, and any other aspects that are in my life.
A social situation that altered my personal development arose very early in my life. Since I can remember, my father was never a part of my life. He has been in and out of jail, when he finally got out, he got married and has a new family. So growing up with a single mother who had her own struggles financially, mentally, and physically was very difficult watching. Growing up I...

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