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The security survey conducted is very significant to the risks which are being considered, the protection and the budget issues that need attention. The purpose is to identify present risks at the physicality of the area and thus make efficient recommendations to the reduction of a cost effective project. The following inspection questions and answers guided in the checking of the security at hand.


1. Where is the plant located? It is located at Richmond site

2. Is there any delivery yard? Yes

3. If yes, are there any transportation services? Yes three delivery yards in Kentucky that provides ...view middle of the document...

If it is steel, does it have a flat build up? Yes

23. Is there any roofing in the building? Yes, a roofing that is made up of gravel.

24. Are there any metal decks? Yes, there are metal decks which get their support from open webbed steel joints.

25. Are there any roof mounted packed units? Yes

26. Do the buildings contain high quality office space? Yes

27. If yes, do the buildings have additional cores for example elevators, washrooms and service areas? Yes

28. Is there partial basements that can house up to 100 parking spaces in the buildings? Yes

29. Do the buildings have an outdoor parking space? Yes with about 600 parking space.

30. If yes are there any loading zones within the buildings as well? Yes

31. Do the loading zones have automatic overhead doors? Yes

32. Are there any storage units in the buildings? Yes

33. Are the buildings in a footing facility? Yes of about 24,000 square foot.

34. Do the buildings have air conditioning services? Yes

35. When rooms are cold is there any heating services? Yes the buildings use gas

36. Is the gas reliable? Yes it is through balancing of electricity...

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