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Thoughts And Writing Essay

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Writing Assignment #1
ENG 1050: Thoughts and Writing

The essay “Trigger-Happy Birthday” written by Kiku Adatto, is about the author’s personal experience when faced with the dilemma of letting her son participate in the activities at another child’s birthday party. The mother of the birthday child had organized a birthday party at the local paintball center. The author was alarmed when she received the “Release of Liability” form in the mail. The liability form asked for a parent signature to release the paintball company from any liability if any participant was injured, permanently disabled or even died while participating in the activities provided by the paintball company. Kiku ...view middle of the document...

In my life, I have had to make many difficult decisions. I spent the past eleven years in the United States Marine Corps and loved every minute of it. Decisions became a part of my daily routine as I matured in the Marine Corps. Some days I had to decide who was going to go to the rifle range or who was going to go on the next meritorious promotion board. Some decisions affected other people’s lives, while some of the decisions only affected my life. My last big decision in the Marines was probably the hardest though. I had to decide if I was going to stay in the Marines or if I was going to leave and rejoin the civilian sector. Both options were equally enticing to me. I decided that I need to seek mentorship from my chain of command, my friends that have gotten out of the Marines, and my friends that decided to continue their service in the Marine Corps.

Just as Kiku Adatto wanted to gather all of the facts before allowing her child to go play paintball, I wanted to speak to friends on both sides to be able to form a calculated decision on what I thought I should do. I spoke with my 1stSgt first about my decision to re-enlist or choose to become a civilian again. I asked my 1stSgt what he thought of his decision to become a career Marine. He told me that it was a really a “no-brainer” for him. He couldn’t find a reason to not collect a constant paycheck, an early retirement check and travel around the world. He also mentioned that he thought all Marines should be career Marines. He simply didn’t think that people should get out of the Marine Corps. I agreed that those were all very important factors, but I hadn’t made my decision yet. His priorities didn’t really line up with my priorities. I spent the majority of my past eleven years overseas in the Middle East and Asia. While I had an amazing time overseas, family is really important to me. I had outgrown the “young and reckless” lifestyle that is so prominent in today’s military culture. I was ready to come home and reconnect with my family and friends.

Next up, I decided to call a couple of my friends that decided not to stay in the Marine Corps. Both of them were excited about being out of the Marines. They did miss the comradery and closeness that being in the Marines provided, but they also were excited about their future endeavors. Both of...

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