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Thomas Edward Lawrence Essay

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JUNE 21, 2014
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND----------------------------------------------------------------------
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From 1907 to 1910 Lawrence was a student of History at Jesus College. During the summer of 1909 he embarked on a walking adventure in Syria, Palestine, and a portion of Turkey. Lawrence investigated a total of 36 crusader castles; at which time he was careful to take copious notes.
Lawrence tendered a thesis – The Influence of the Crusades on European Architecture – the End of the 12th Century, which work resulted in his graduation from Jesus College, with honors. After his graduation, Lawrence momentarily engaged in postgraduate research, in the area of medieval pottery, by way of his having been awarded a Senior Demy scholarship at Magdalen College, Oxford. While a student at Magdalen, he decided to withdraw from school and embrace
the opportunity to become an archaeologist in the Middle East. On assignment in the Middle East, Lawrence studied Arabic, and was considered fluent in Ancient Greek, Arabic, and French.
Archaeological Endeavors and Accomplishments
In December 1910, Lawrence traveled to the Middle East and commenced work at the excavations at Carchemish, close to Jerablus in northern Syria. He was employed as an archaeologist under the leadership of D. G. Hogarth, who was a British archaeologist and R. Cambell Thompson, who was also a British archaeologist, assyriologist, and cuneiformist.
Lawrence returned to England momentarily, and then, traveled back to Beirut, to resume his work at Carchemish. At this time he was to assist Leonard Woolley, a fellow British archaeologist. However, before engaging in the task at Carchemish, Lawrence worked very briefly at Kafr Ammar in Egypt with Flinders Petrie, who was an English Egyptologist. Lawrence continued to travel to the Middle East, working as a field archaeologist until the commencement of World War I in 1914.
As Randall J. Price has indicated in his book, The Stones Cry Out: What Archaeology Reveals About the Truth of the Bible, present day archaeology has its origins in Biblical Archaeology. T. E. Lawrence was certainly classified as a biblical archaeologist.
He was a romantic figure, a British scholar – adventurer who walked more than 1,600 kilometers in broiling heat early this century through an area that is now Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. While he is better known as a military advisor to Prince Feisal during the Arab revolt against Turkish rule in the First World War, T. E. Lawrence had been an archaeologist. He helped identify the town some believe was where the ancient Hebrews settled before proceeding to the Promised Land, says Lawrence scholar Stephen Tabachnik of the University of Oklahoma. In an article in...

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