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Thisis It Essay

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been required by the Tax Office to divulge the details of customers with offshore structures.
''We recently complied with an order to provide the ATO with the details of all customers with a connection to Australia in various offshore jurisdictions,'' said Stephen Ries, a spokesman.
Ashurst (formerly Blake Dawson) says it is its clients' responsibility to ensure they're meeting their tax obligations.
''Our firm actively advises our clients to comply with all applicable taxation laws and regulations,'' said spokesman Glenn Taylor.
''Some clients will establish international structures for a wide variety of legitimate business reasons and, on occasion, they seek our help to assist with ...view middle of the document...

Emails obtained by the ICIJ show Mr Dukes issuing instructions to Portcullis staff in the Cook Islands on behalf of Mr Tan, who employed a very complicated company framework. He used other entities in Monaco and the British Virgin Islands as the directors of his three companies in the Cook Islands: Dentblanche, Balfrin and Valtourne.
The Herald is not suggesting anything untoward, however the effect of Mr Tan's corporate structure has been that it is even more difficult to work out the beneficial owner of these secret companies.
The documents reveal Mr Dukes instructed Portcullis to send invoices to three different trustee companies in the Channel Islands, another well-known tax haven.
As well as Blake Dawson Waldron and boutique firm Atanaskovic Hartnell, Mr Dukes once worked with Rodney Rosenblum, another solicitor. Mr Rosenblum, too, was familiar with offshore structures, and several of his clients appear in the ICIJ data.
One previously confidential document in the data cache is a file note regarding one company, Kingslea Holdings Limited, which had been set up for one of his clients.
''He will be obtaining passports and references for his clients and keeping them in his office,'' the file note reads.
Mr Tan, Mr Dukes and Mr Rosenblum did not respond to the Herald's inquiries.
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