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This Is Not A Real Paper Sory

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Lying is ubiquitous. It is seen everywhere and it is truly an art form, it comes in many shapes and forms: white lies, doublespeak, and dismissal are some of many forms of lies. Whether lying is a positive or a negative thing is a question that many people have different views on. Humans are very selfish, everyone lives for themselves, everything someone does is something that is in their best interest. Whether you're a Politician, insurance ...view middle of the document...

And that is okay because it's your life and if you can get what you want or avoid trouble then why not.
Lying is generally seen as a bad thing, if you've never met someone but you hear that person has a reputation for being a liar, then you'll probably avoid having a relationship with that person. However it's not always a bad thing because many lies will make people feel better about themselves. For instance, Stephanie Ericsson who wrote an essay on lying, "The Ways We Lie", discusses many forms of lying such as the white lie. This lie being one of the good lies "The white lie assumes that the truth will cause more damage than a simple, harmless untruth" (349).
So if your kids draw you a dog on a piece of paper with crayons and it looks like a bunch of lines you would commend them on their effort rather than telling them they did a terrible job. This is a good thing because if you told them they did a terrible job their feelings would be hurt and they'd probably be discouraged to try other things in the future because of how that made them feel. However as they grow up if they drew you a dog again and it still looked nothing like a dog then you should be honest so

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