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Chapter 1: 23 - 32

Chapter 3 48 - 56
49 infancy, adolescence and maturity
To spot infancy, owner and the business are one and same thing
52 bottom
53 it’s only a problem … day-to-day basis
54 bottom

Chapter 4: Adolescence
60 mgmt by abdication rather than delegation
64 middle. You’re hopelessly and helplessly at a loss… can add to your business

Chapter 5
65 technician, manager, entrepreneur’s boundary
66 Harry handle the Technician’s work and needed the manager which the owner’s need to provide by stepping out of his comfort zone
68 (getting small, you don’t own a business, you own a job)
76 bottom

Chapter 6
83 the ...view middle of the document...

ystem dependent vs expert-dependent
116 extraordinary business know when you intentionally build your business around skills of ordinary people, … produce result without the extraordinary ones
120 expectation created at 1st meeting violated at each subsequent visit
123 summarize point so far

Chapter 10
140 orchestration doing what you do, saying what you say … as long as it produces the results you want
Once you innovate, qualified, and orchestrated sth in your business, you must continue to innovate, quantify, and orchestra it
141 innovation, quantification, orchestration are the backbone of every extraordinary business, the essence of BDP
Chapter 11
149 BDP 7 steps

Chapter 12 primary aim
The author’s life
162 keeping the curtain up, move out of comfort zone

Chapter 13
163 strategic objective clear statement what your business have to do to achieve primary aim, it’s the vision of the finished product
165 money standard strategically necessary for your life, for realization of your primary aim
167 opportunity worth pursuing,...

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