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Thinking Process Essay

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Faculty Choice Assignment (Thinking Process)


September 5, 2011

Courtney Wilson

Thinking Process

There are three different types of critical thinking we will concentrate on logical, creative, and emotional. These different thinking processes will present different analize showing how the thought process brings about certain decisions. Explaining why thinking is important while expressing different techniques used when the mind uses different thinking patterns. When comparing and contrasting it will display how each type of thinking will affect the creative thinking process. We will use examples of work place environments showing how critical thinking displays ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to using emotional thinking a person will make decisions based on emotions rather than using critical thinking. Someone that makes decisions emotionally does not fully work through the steps to see how a specific decision can be made without using emotions. A split second decision that is made by someone using emotional thinking can be drastic. An emotional thinker does not think of the consequences that can occur whenever they make a decision because they only see what is happening at that point and time. It can be difficult for an emotional thinker to change their way of thinking if they have made decisions emotionally for a long period of time. There are times that an emotional thinker does not even realize that they are making these decisions based on emotions. If an emotional thinker were to take the time to sit back and think what the best decision would in a situation then they may be able to make better decisions rather than making split second decisions because they may be upset, hurt, or even happy.

There are numerous examples of creative thinking around us every day. Recently the organization where I am currently employee decided it would help business if we updated our website. The first site already included all of the necessary information that a client could need when researching a materials testing firm however it lacked the aesthetic appeal many of today’s website provide when visited. Once this factor was brought up to the ownership, a team was put together to try and find a direction we could go that would help to make visitors feel welcome. For about a month, the group met on a weekly basis brainstorming ideas for what they wanted to keep from the old and what they wanted to bring to the new. The site has been drafter and approved by the team and is about to be launched. This is a perfect example of creative thinking at work.

Using this same example, we can also see how logical thinking can occur in the workplace as it is part of thinking creatively (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007). Take into consideration the potential clients visiting the site. All of these people are coming to the web address to get further information on the industry, the firm’s specific services, or how to contact the organization. Of the many visitors, one decides they want to contact the firm and move forward. The development team would consider this one visitor a potential client and wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to navigate through the site and find the “contact us” page. It is in this sense that the group used deductive thinking to help...

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