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They Can Do It! You Can Help! A Look At Talent Practices At The Home Depot

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Discuss how the leadership at Home Depot intended to use its organizational talent to gain a competitive advantage in the Do It Yourself industry.
The best way for Home Depot to gain a competitive advantage and to maintain it in today’s business situations is to carry out and transform so fast that they bring forth a cycle of temporary competitive advantages. This can be extremely difficult to accomplish as it requires a grouping of organization policies, practices, and designs. It is specifically because it is not easy to make organizations that change rapidly and effortlessly that being able to do so is an influential and sustainable foundation of competitive advantage.
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Discuss the critical programs used by Home Depot to keep talent in their pipeline.
The leadership pipeline program at The Home Depot has been an essential element in preparing new hires to lead effectively. According to Silzer & Dowell, “The Home Depot has many processes for managing and optimizing its leadership talent, including:
• Dedicated leadership pipeline programs that bring external talent into the company and accelerate their readiness to lead.” Leadership pipeline programs help to create such a funnel of future management talent by explaining what changes in time application, skills and work values are essential for making the transition from one leadership stage to the next. It also helps to understand the different demands of various management levels.
• World-class development programs for High Potentials that invest in internal talent with the clear capability to lead at the executive level.” (Silzer & Dowell, 2010) This is used to identify future leadership from within current talent. By utilizing the High potential leadership development process, organizations are able to build their bench strength more effectively, and more easily identify future successors.
• A comprehensive, mandatory leadership curriculum that provides a road map for success in the first six months of a leader’s job.
• Annual 360-degree assessments for all leaders at the manager level and above to provide timely feedback for improvement and to ensure...

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