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Thesis Statement Outline

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Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet

In this course, you will write a 1,050- to 1,400-word comprehensive Continuing Academic Success essay, due in Week 5. The Week 5 essay will help you apply what you learned in this course and take responsibility for your success in your education and your career. Please review the requirements for the Week 5 assignment to become familiar with the instructions. Starting this week, and in the weeks to come, we will be building upon an outline with a thesis statement, subtopics, and research to assist in your final paper.

For this week, using the Center for Writing Excellence resources, provide your thesis statement and begin creating the informal ...view middle of the document...

Informal Outline

Each topic below should be a main idea for a paragraph that might be in your Week 5 assignment (see bulleted items above). Each support point should be something that you plan to write about that relates to the corresponding topic.
1. The benefit of creating educational goals

a. Makes you aware of your weaknesses so you can begin to improve them and make them into strengths
b. Forces you to set priorities, therefore helping you to limit getting involved in distracting things
c. Give you a sense of past victories of goals accomplished and motivation to succeed in current goals
d. Improve your self-image

2. The visual learning style

a. Learning techniques
b. How knowing your learning style will help you succeed

3. How the writing process can help advance my education and career

a. Using correct grammar so thoughts are conveyed correctly
b. Spelling and punctuation
c. Proof reading

4. Resources I can use to help reach my goals

a. Support
b. Support

5. An explanation of the importance of academic integrity

a. Support
b. Support

In conclusion, although there is no good argument, hard work and effort make continuing academic success possible for two main reasons. First, without effort and hard work there would be no success. But most importantly, proof, millions have done it.

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