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Theories Of Communication Essay

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Theories of Communication
The Communication Cycle
Michael Argyle was an English Social Psychologist who researched and built on new theories about communication and interpersonal interaction. He came up with a theory about communication called the communication cycle. When Argyle was creating his theory, he wanted to focus the cycle on both verbal and non-verbal communication; he investigated communication and the types of communication i.e. verbal and non-verbal, by carrying out experimental research which helped him develop his ideas on communication and a theory that he was thinking about. The communication cycle theory shows how we can understand explain and foresee how communication ...view middle of the document...

This helps to make communication effective because everyone processes information in a different way, so it helps when every individual can decode the message in their own way because they will firstly, be able to take the information/message in their own way and secondly, they will be able to understand and think about in their own time because you have to want to understand/listen/learn to be able to process the information yourself and then you can think about it, but you have to want to think about it. When the message is decoded and the message has been taken in by the recipient, then the message can finally be understood. Once the message is finally taken, the receiver of the original message would start to keep the communication ongoing by either sending a response to the original sender or by sharing feedback about the original message. Then is then repeated, which starts to create and build into a communication cycle.
The Communication Cycle in a Formal and Informal setting
The communication cycle theory can be effective as the communication cycle makes sure that the only way that communication be effective is when it is a two-way interaction. In a formal setting, care professionals need to make sure that any messages they are sending to others are clear and precise, so that once that the care professionals have understand any messages and pieces of information that they have received and decoded, they can respond with their own message in either verbal or non-verbal feedback or both ways to the individuals that they are communicating and interacting with. As stated by Argyle’s theory (The Communication Cycle), care professionals can improve on how effective through communication and interaction skills are by adjusting the way that they communicate, by bearing in mind any verbal and non-verbal feedback that they get from others and reflecting on their own communication skills. For example, if a care professional finds that their non-verbal communication skills need to be improved by looking at how others use non-verbal communication, the individual can observe how others use non-verbal feedback to help others.
The advantages of the communication cycle is that firstly, the communication cycle theory is the key to what effective communication is all about because the communication cycle makes it known that is a ‘two-way process’.
A disadvantage of the communication cycle is that the conversation will have to stop at some point because either someone will start to get bored and lose interest in the conversation or if the argument is finally settled, the communication will have end; the disadvantage of this for the communication cycle is that the structure doesn’t show where the conversation will end as the cycle model just shows an ongoing conversation without an end i.e. a message is always sent and there is always a response and there isn’t an ending to the...

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