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Theology Short Essay 1

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Course and Section Number: THEO 202
Anthropology: Marriage and Divorce
Marriage is viewed differently by today’s society than that of Biblical times. While there are still some similarities in the regulations and limitations of marriage, the overall view and importance has slowly transformed. Society has taken on the mindset that marriage is simply a document that means nothing and if the marriage ends up not working out then it is okay to divorce and move on to other relationships. The Bible is clear as to what marriage stands for and that it is something that must be fought for and should last a lifetime.
The concept of marriage was established when Adam ...view middle of the document...

The connection and bond that is formed through sexual intercourse is what binds the couple as “one flesh”. Unfortunately, the people of today’s society choose to ignore these principles. More and more couples feel as though a document or ceremony is not needed to build a life together. Also, if it does not work out, a divorce will not be needed.
In Scripture, both the Old and New Testament reference divorce. In the Old Testament, divorce was only allowed to be initiated by the man. Deuteronomy 24 tells of the divorce laws and grounds needed during that time (NIV). However, the New Testament allows divorce to be initiated by either party under certain circumstances. Matthew 5:31-32 says that the only grounds for a divorce is if the “one flesh” is broken by adultery (NIV). Some believe that it is okay to divorce if one is in an abusive home or if every path has been taken to save the marriage. While these are valid reasons, Jesus clearly states in Matthew and Mark that the only grounds for divorce is unrepentant and ongoing sexual immorality. According to D.J. Atkinson, a response to objections such as these, would be that man and woman were created in the image of God and the marriage we enter is an example and reflection of our relationship with God (Atkinson, 347). Today, divorce has become a common, quick fix to a small problem.
The only circumstances for a divorced Christian to remarry is if there is no possible way for reconciliation. When a couple is divorced, the “one flesh” has been severed and both parties are technically free to marry again (Atkinson, 1008). However, it all goes back to the reason for the divorce. As a Christian, a marriage is a resemblance to Christ’s relationship with the Church and His people; no matter what sin was committed...

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