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The Who Essay

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The Who
Before enrolling in American Popular Music, I had decent background on a fair amount of bands and artists we have talked about in class, including, but not limited to, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and The Eagles. These artists are some of my Dad’s favorite, so therefore I learned a lot about them from him; however, he has never been a fan of The Who. Therefore, I was rather excited when I was assigned a research paper on The Who; a band who I really knew nothing about before American Popular Music. In the following paper, I will provide details about The Who’s individual band members’ lives, as well as information in relation to the band in general.
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Townshend and Daltry are said to be the only returning band members. Thus my curiosity was spurred as to what happened to John Entwistle and Keith Moon. Through browsing The Who’s website, I found that John died in 2002 of a heart attack. The most interesting fact I discovered about Entwistle was that he earned the nickname “Thunderfingers” due his unusually fast bass playing talent. Keith Moon died many years earlier, in 1978, of a drug overdose. Moon was known to be the energy of the band, providing the main reason why The Who was often referred to as the most exciting rock band in the world (The Who Official Band Website).
According to an article written by Allen Salkin in 2008, “The Who maintains a sort of outsider status” even though they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame many years ago. Despite the negative appearance of this statement, I think being an outsider was something The Who thrived on. This was best displayed through the bands album Tommy; which was essentially a musical, about a young boy, that was recorded to an album (Edmonds). There are not many bands who would dare to the risk of dedicating a whole album to telling a single story. The fact that The Who took this risk shows that...

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