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The Ways Of Scientific Knowledge In The 1900s

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Strategies Lab 1 Mod 3
Well there’s always several good questions People are always wondering where good ideas come from how did the good ideas that reshape Americas future in the 1800’s come from? In the past before the Rise of Coffee and Tea was Beer and Wine where the idea processing was bad and always drunk all the time so when America went from a depressant to a stimulant ideas started rolling on the right track. Like a train track when the people relied on beer and wine for ideas was like adding Tons of butter to the railroad tracks the train always kept falling off topic. But when America switched to Tea and coffee the train tracks stayed on target and never fell of the track once. So what I’m saying is that America should have started drinking coffee sooner to help develop good water to eventually rely on the stuff for sources of good knowledge. But another most important thing about the ideas overall is the space the surroundings you finds yourself in like ...view middle of the document...

For example on October forth 1957 was the launch of sputnik and it was aired around the world and one of those guys said huh I wonder if we could hear the satellite in orbit the other person in the group said yeah I got a friend in the office that’s an expert in sound technology and has a microwave and an amplifier maybe we could convince him to check into this so they tried to work at it for a while and it worked they can hear the sputnik they was like wow amazing, I think were the only ones in the country that heard this we should record it. So they brought in a huge recording machine which lead them into doing a math problem using the dropper method to figure out how fast the satellite was traveling which lead to trying to help a friend locate his submarines in the middle of the ocean which lead to the invention of GPS. So out of all this this tells us that ideas come from rational thinking and deep thought sharing. But sometimes even you can come up with the idea on your own without having to be in a group Like working on a science project. When you get into something you eventually find other stuff while working on the project that would be useful information for later purposes, that would be better than the current science project but don’t have the tools to be able to reach that level of technology yet. Sometimes ideas are randomly generated like Charles Darwin when he kept writing questions in his book and then Ah behold I now hadeeth a theory to work with and I shall set sail through out these lands and explore each animal and see the mating processes of these animals to see how people and animals evolve first the male species has sex with the female species to form a baby underling and watching it grow as it feeds was amazing he said now I have my theory of evolution and now I’ll share my findings with my colleagues and then after the rest of the world. So you know where good ideas come from? I do it’s From deep and rational thinking with your friends or in a room in a closet or at a coffee shop matter not the place or the people around you it’s just deep thoughts and logicial reasoning and rational thinking to get all the answers you need have a good one.

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