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1.(a) In plain words ‘E-commerce’ is simply Electronic commerce. E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium. Below are three models of Electronic commerce;

• Business-to-Business(B2B) – In this type electronic commerce, the trade is only between businesses or other ...view middle of the document...

It uses network technologies as a tool to enable communication between people and work groups to improve data sharing and hence organization efficiency.


Extranet like intranet, is a private network. It uses internet technology and the public telecommunication system to securely share part of a businesses information or operations with the businesses outside world. Extranet can be used to share news of common interest exclusively with partner companies.

(c) There are many reasons why some people havent jumped onto the e-commerce wagon.below are some of them;

• Human nature - Most people find it more comfortable doing business with a business entity that has a location and can be physically seen e.g building. People place their trust in people they can talk to in person. In E-commerce physicality is out of the question so people tend to avoid shopping online.

• Extra Cost - Online shopping incorporates extra costs. Delivery costs are inccured when the asset is transferred to the consumer.

• Fraud - the fact that the product may not be what it is depicted as online. The fear of being conned stops people from shopping online.

• Online security - Making payments online is usually safe but not all the time. If a site is not secure or does not encrypt personal credit card data, a hacker can access it putting your oersinal financial information in jeopardy.

2 (a) The ‘Waterfall’ model is considered the simplest software development life cycle. Its stages are arranged in a linear order. The models stages descend from top to bottom hence the name waterfall. The stages are listed below;

• Design

• Coding

• Verification and testing

• Deployment

The stages are carried out as they are listed. Firstly design, coding, verification and testing andd lastly deployment.

Design (requirement analysis, project planning, system design and detailed design)

Design can be broken down into three stages;

• Specification: In this stage a survey to find out exactly the purpose of the software is and the things it will be used for.

• User Interface Design: This stage involves how the user and the software will interact. Developers must design the software in a way various userrs can use it and accomplish their goals.

• Module Design: How to break up the overall tasks into smaller manageable pieces. Creating classes is the basis of module design.


The code is the actual software. It is how the software comes to exist. The output of the coding phase is the code itself. Converts the design into computer code.

Verification and testing

Verifiction refers to mathematical proofs of program correctness, while testing refers to experimental trials to test for potential errors. In software development though, testing is a method of verification.Testing can be broken down into three types;

• Module tests- The use of ‘test codes’ to ensure the module is...

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