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The Vaule Of Teams Essay

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The Value of Teams
Christina Rodriguez
February 27, 2016

1]  In what kind of teams have you participated?
First team was fourth grade cheerleading, even though I was on the bottom of the pyramid, I was the foundation of the format. I did cheerleading through middle school, then in high school was in color guard in the band. I have to say being in band takes a lot of teamwork and discipline. From there being a server at a few places where teamwork is a must! Then at Food Lion I was Assistant Produce Manger, on truck days working together to get it unloaded and organized in the cooler takes teamwork and communication. Sometimes we would get dairy or meat products on our floats and ...view middle of the document...

When groups get together and communication isn’t productive it cost time and resources.

3]  What are some advantages of teamwork? What are some disadvantages? Be specific.
There are lot of advantages with working with a team. If you are feeling confused you can clarify things with your teammates, and as a team pull together to make sure the assignment or project is completed correctly and on time. I have worked in a couple of group assignments for school and last minute one person didn’t do their portion. Usually two maybe three people will step up and work together to make sure the assignment gets done on time. With more people to work with, more ideas are debated and creativity levels are high. Some people don’t mesh well with others and conflict can occur. Also some people will take advantage so they may put off their portion, knowing that someone in the group will do it. That will add extra tension especially for future assignments.

4]  Identify and describe the stages of team development.
There are five stages of team development: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. The forming stage being the first is when the members first meet and everyone is cautious to be sure they don’t step on any toes. Things are awkward till everyone gets more comfortable with each other. Storming is when some members may get confrontation trying to establish leadership roles. They openly disagree but will resolve the conflicts to achieve their group goal. Performing is when the roles have been assigned and everyone focuses on the goal. Lastly adjourning, is when the assignment is finished and the group starts to lose contact. It is not uncommon though for some members to stay in contact.

5]  How might stronger team skills benefit you? How might you use teamwork skills in your job? Provide specific examples.
When you graduate and you’re searching for your new career, sometimes an education isn’t enough. In our book it states that top requested skill was teamwork and that it is one of the most important skills we’ll learn in college “A business executive in the same study wrote that they look for employees who “are good team people over anything else. I can teach the technical.” (Engleberg, I & Wynn,...

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