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The Vark Essay

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Running head: The VARK Analysis Paper

The VARK Analysis Paper
June 9, 2012

The VARK Analysis Paper
The VARK questionnaire was created by Neil Fleming who taught about teaching and learning. VARK is an acronym for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic. This survey can bring awareness to people about different learning strategies by offering simple information on studying tips. This analysis paper will focus on Sylvia Arias’s learning style, preferred learning style, and identified learning style using the VARK questionnaire.
Learning Styles
Sylvia’s current learning style is to read the learning material over and over until she understands it. When she does not know a ...view middle of the document...

Identified Learning Strategies
Sylvia completed the VARK questionnaire; “How Do I Learn Best?” and her scores were: Visual=7, Aural=10, Read/Write=10, and Kinesthetic=8. Sylvia’s identified learning preference result was multi modal. According to the VARK reading material, “60 % of learners fall into this category”, (VARK questionnaire). Sylvia’s strongest learning tools were Read/Write along with Aural with a score of 10 for both. “Multi modal preferences dominate the database for all populations and it is clearly the most used set of preferences when making decisions about learning”, (Fleming, VARK: A Review of Those Who Are Multi modal).
Sylvia’s preferred learning strategy is the read/write strategy versus her identified strategies was multiple. Those multiple identified strategies according to the VARK questionnaire included: visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. If Sylvia had her way, her preferred learning style would be simple and easy and would be just the read/write model. According to Fleming, Sylvia also falls into the context specific approach. “Context specific choosing the mode that best fits the need”, (Fleming, VARK: A Review of Those Who Are Multi modal).
After reviewing the results and learning strategies. Sylvia felt no need to make changes with the aural study strategy. Her intake, study, and output habits were parallel to Fleming’s study strategy. Her kinesthetic study...

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