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The Value Of Teams Essay

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• In what kind of teams have you participated?
I have personally participated in many team efforts. My team experiences all vary, from the workplace to sports that I played throughout high school. I have also worked in teams for school work and personal projects. For me, each experience has been different and rewarding. With each team that I participated with, I learned a lesson from how to deal with different personalities to dealing with different subjects and different circumstances. I have learned that it all depends on the group of people and what type of attitudes each individual has toward the team aspect. In each group and team, I was in, there was always some type of conflict. ...view middle of the document...

People in a team can contribute more than one idea, creative ideas can start forming when everyone is together. Two minds are always greater than one, so in a team setting many minds can be greater than one. Every member can also give their inputs and concerns to help find a solution to any issues at hand. Sharing goals and responsibilities, gives any members of a team a sense of belonging. When a accomplishment is achieved by a team, everyone can reap all the benefits.
Disadvantages are usually common problems like unequal participation, which is usually the number one disadvantage of working in a team. When you feel everyone is not putting in as much work as you are, it is bothersome and can put a strain on the team. It can also cause great resentment amongst each other. With any team, having people on your team who aren’t a team player can be a challenge in itself. Another issue that can arise is conflict within one another can cause difficulties. Contrasting personal styles can clash and some team members can have difficulty accepting ideas that are different from theirs. In the end, communication amongst one another is key, and is the only way to resolve conflict from the very beginning.
• Identify and describe the stages of team development.
Forming, storming, norming, performing, and transforming are the five stages of team development.
Forming a group of people who come together to accomplish a common purpose. A group is either formed based on their accomplishment’s, or a group is thrown together because all members share a common goal. Storming is a process where all members or part of the team come together to resolve and disagreements about the mission ahead of them. Here all members can discuss their vision, and how they will approach the task at hand. Norming is the stage where the team has started being effective in their actions. This...

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