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The Uae Military Service Essay

500 words - 2 pages

The UAE National Service
Out line
National service is very important for the UAE security.
The UAE National Service law, and do jobs remain open?
Main point
The UAE National service law
Sub point
* Age
* Women military service
* How long?
Main point
Maintaining jobs during the national service
Sup points
* Jobs are reserved
* What is someone has a fixed contract?
UAE approved its National service to maintain its security.
Further clarity should be provided about fixed term contract that will expire during the national service

The UAE National Service
National service is very important for the UAE security. The UAE Government has announced its mandatory national service recently for the first time. I ...view middle of the document...

Also, it will be optional for women to join the UAE military service, who may be trained for nine months, without considering their educational level. In addition, students, who get more than 90% marks in their secondary level, will be able to delay the duty until they gets a higher degree (Abu Dhabi Government, 2014). Here we discussed the UAE military service conditions.
Moving to maintaining jobs during the national service, employed Emirati men, who are recruited in military service, will be able to reserve their jobs until they complete their national service. Furthermore, they will receive their salary, bonus, and allowances. Moreover, a big advantage for those recruited employees is that they will get their raises as if they were performing their job duties. Unfortunately the law is still unclear about the employees who are hired upon a fixed term contract and it will expire during the national service period (Al Tamimi Company, 2014). These are the main issues about continuing jobs while being hired in the UAE national service.
In conclusion, UAE has successfully approved its National service to maintain its security. It will be applied on both Emirati men and women to be recruited in the national service. It is required to provide further clarity about the implication of that law on fixed term contracts that will expire during the national service.

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