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The Three Sisters Essay

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Megan Chevalier
DRAM 1103
Dr. Truscott

The Three Sisters

Various conflicts arise in the drama The Three Sisters. The setting of the drama is in a provincial town. The three sisters, Olga, Masha, and Irina lost their father who commanded the local army post. The sisters lives then became lonely and purposeless. The sisters are very well educated, which is a very good thing. The author basically focuses on alienation and aloneness. The play is centered around the main characters, and what they think of their home. The three sisters figured they would have a better life if they lived in Moscow. The sisters want to leave their home for a better life. The play was meant to show sensitivity and the girls refusal to gain a happier life. The author ...view middle of the document...

He also uses humor to play along with the characters of the play. Chekhov tries to base his characters with reality. Although he did lack story write and dramatic conflicts. He didn’t want his characters to be idle, more like inexpressive. It seems that he wanted his audience to be mysterious about the drama. The problems in the drama are simple, but they still struggle and involve failure. To express the meaning of the play as it was originally intended it was important for him to express the nature of his plots as clearly as possible. Overall the play was very realistic. It gives the audience a chance to actually understand the idea of the play or plot. The play was looked at from every character’s aspect. From Olga, Masha, Irina and Andrei they all had different aspects, and the author wrote the play through every character. I would say this play could be a tragedy because of the struggles, a romance because of the different relationships and marriages the characters go through, and a comedy because the author uses it to express the feeling s or stubbornness of the characters. Chekhov was very creative by combining those three different genres together. The characters were also very diverse. By the characters being diverse it keeps the audience interested and it’s a great attention getter. The theatre was set up so the audience can see the play from every angle. The lighting was also a very strong point in the play, which also keeps the audience interested. Chekhov uses different lighting to express the mood of the scenes. The play really grabbed my attention which was really good because its kind of hard for me to be interested in tragic plays like this one. One very important thing the play had trouble in was grasping the audience attention right away.

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