The Three Gorges Dam Essay

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The Three Gorges Dam

This Case-in-Point focuses on Hydropower energy produced by daming the Yangze River.The author talks about how it would benefit the people who live in the river basin because in they have faced droughts and floods so the reservior will help the agriculture productivity without having to worry about flooding issues that have happened in the past. The author states that the ...view middle of the document...

The reservior according to the author can open another option for transporation as well. Although this seems like an amazing idea and has a lot of positive attributs. There are a significant amount of negative effects that can result from the reservoir. The author explains the different negative effects that it can have such as danger to some of the wildlife and the increased risk of waterborne diseases spreading throughout the community. This author does a great job at explaining the different aspects including positive and negative effects that can come from the resevior. I believe that the reservior could be a very good thing for this area. Although it may seem as if the negative effects outway the positive effects, If the community makes sure that they put a HIGH emphasis on making sure that the reservior is maintained well and that the communitys health and safety is the number one priority then the reservior would be a great idea for that community.

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